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UK 1:500,000 Southern England Chart (2013 - Edition 39)

UK 1:500,000 Southern England Chart (2013 - Edition 39)

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This is the latest edition of the UK Southern England 1:500,000 Chart that is renowned for it's high quality, definition and technical content.
It offers all the information you need for VFR flying in the Southern England area coverage and displays topographical information together with all the airfield details and radio navigation information including compass roses oriented on Magnetic North centred on the radio navigation facilities and showing VOR, DME, co-located VOR/DME, TACANs and NDBs etc. This chart generally does not show obstacles less than 300ft above ground level and contours lower than 500ft above mean sea level.
As with other charts in this series (Northern England & Scotland) this chart is supplied with a laminated surface for increased durabity and offers the facility to draw erasable track lines etc. with chinagraph pencils or felt pens.
A free 'Frequency Reference & Pilots Information Card' is supplied with each chart which offers:
Aerodrome Frequencies, Four letter ICAO airport identification codes, Frequencies for RAD/APP, TWR, AFIS & A/G.,
Danger Area Crossing Service (DACS), Danger Area Activity Information Service, UK Free-Fall Parachute Drop Zone Activity information, Volmet Frequencies & Morse Code & ICAO Phonetic Alphabet.* The latest charts see the implementation of some major changes to the UK Airspace structure.

Buy UK 1:500,000 Southern England Chart (2013 - Edition 39)

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