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Private Pilot Syllabus JAR-FCL
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Private Pilot Syllabus JAR-FCL

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The Private Pilot Syllabus JAR-FCL contains:
  • An introduction to the JAR FCL Course
  • Personal details of the student
  • References for the syllabus
  • Entry to training requirements
  • Air Law, Aircraft General Knowledge, Flight Performance & Planning, Human Performance,
  • Meteorlogy, Navigation & Communications.
  • Familiaristion with the aeroplane, Emergency Drills, Preperation for and action after flight,
  • Air experience, Effects of controls, Taxiing, Emergencies, Straight and level, Climbing,
  • Descending, Turning, Slow flight, Stalling, Spin avoidance, Take-off & climb to downwind,
  • Circuit, approach & landing, Emergencies, First solo, Advanced turning, Forced landing,
  • Precautionary landing, Navigation, Radio navigation & Basic instrument flight.
  • An application report form for the PPL(A) skill test.

    This is the latest Private Pilot Syllabus for the European JAR licence.
    All candidates must follow the requirements for the course that are clearly laid out in the correct order for the theoretical knowledge and flight instruction requirements.
    The syllabus offers a guide to students and instructors prior to and during the process of training for the PPL (A) .
    A checklist column with each section is provided and may be used for sign-off by the student and instructor after satisfactory completion and also serves as a record of training that the student may keep.
    This syllabus should be used in conjunction with your PPL training manuals
    Spiral. 50 pages.

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