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Preparing for your Cathay Pacific Interview
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Preparing for your Cathay Pacific Interview

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Chapter headings in 'Preparing for Your Cathay Pacific Interview' are:
  • Introduction & purpose of book
  • Resume writing & interview preperation
  • Company brief
  • Cathay Pacific pilot screening & selection
  • Career recruitment
  • Technical notes for Cathay interviews
  • Cathay Pacific Destinations
  • Cathay pacific pilot recruiting
  • Hong Kong Professional Pilot Licence & HK CAD
  • Technical & Psychological Quiz
  • Further reading material & research
  • Cathay Pacific fleet details
  • Cathay Simulators
  • Cadet Pilot Selection
  • Direct Entry 1st & 2nd officers

    'Preparing For Your Cathay Pacific Interview' offers a comprehensive look at the selections and interview process used by Cathay Pacific.
    It prepares the professional pilot for the rigorous interview and selection process offered by Cathay Pacific and many major airlines.
    This book gives a throrough briefing on CV (resume) writing and interview preparation including hundreds of the top interview questions and their categories, a complete company brief and history, pilot screening & selection, technical notes for Cathay interviews, Cathay destinations, recruiting information, Hong Kong Professional Pilot Licence and HK CAD, Technical & Psychological quiz with hundreds of questions, further reading material & research, Cathay Pacific fleet details, Cathay simulators, Cadet Pilot selection, direct entry First & Second officers.
    This is a publication that will be of great help and interest not only for the hopeful Cathay Pacific pilot but for all career ambitious professional pilots.

    Line diagrams & tables throughout. Spiral. 138 pages.

    Buy Preparing for your Cathay Pacific Interview

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