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Aircraft Electricity & Electronics
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Aircraft Electricity & Electronics

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Aircraft Electricity & Electronics covers:
  • Fundamentals of Electricity
  • Applications of Ohm's Law
  • Aircraft Storage Batteries
  • Wire and Wiring Practices
  • Electrical Control Devices
  • Digital Circuits
  • Alternating Current
  • Electrical Motors
  • Electrical Measuring Instruments
  • DC Generators and Related Control Devices
  • Alternators, Inverters, and Related Controls
  • Power Distribution Systems
  • Design and Maintenance of AC Electrical Systems
  • Radio Theory
  • Communication and Navigation Systems
  • Weather Warning Systems
  • Electrical Instruments and Autopilot Systems

    'Aircraft Electicity & Electronics' by Eismin.
    ...the material covered in this book includes the details necessary for the certification of Airframe and Powerplants Technicians. The text expands well beyond this basic information however, providing an in-depth study of both ac and dc systems for virtually all varieties of aircraft.
    It takes students through the fundamentals of electronics theory and on to the study of aircraft digital control systems. Integrated into the text are various examples of troubleshooting techniques as they apply to aircraft systems.
    The text also provides details on a variety of general and commericial aircraft electrical/electronic systems, including avionic systems.
    One of the major changes in this edition is the moderization of material about electrical and electronic equipment to reflect current practices.
    Coverage of transistors and semiconductors, lighting systems, and nickel cadmium batteries has been updated while troubleshooting techniques using digital and analog meters have been added.
    This edition includes a Student Study Guide that parallels the text. It provides fill-in-the-blank questions that identify key term, demonstrates applications of mathematical relationships and validates learning progress by offering multiple-choice questions.
    Illustrations, line drawings, tables, photographs and graphs throughout.
    Soft. 417 pages.

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