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Aircraft Propellers and Controls
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Aircraft Propellers and Controls

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If you are a pilot or mechanic endeavouring to understand the operation and systems of propellers this book offers a thorough, basic text explaining the fundamentals, theory and operation of all aircraft propellers and their associated controls.
It is designed to present all pilots, mechanics and students with the information necessary for a general understanding of of fixed-pitch, variable-pitch, feathering and reversing propellers.
Although specific propeller systems are discussed in some chapters, the systems explained operate in a manner generally applicable to the majority of propellor systems.
Throughout this text, at appropriate points is included a series of carefully prepared questions and answers to emphasise key elements of the text and to encourage you to continually test yourself for accuracy and retention as you progress.
A multiple choice final examination is included to allow you to test your comprehension of the total material covered.
With ultra clear illustrations and line drawings throughout that fully highlight the text.
Soft. 150 pages.

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