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IFR RT Communications Tutor CD
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IFR RT Communications Tutor CD

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This IFR RT tutor is designed to follow on from the international VFR RT tutor. It covers the IFR elements of the JAR Communications syllabus and contains many examples of RT which might be used when flying IFR in both uncontrolled and controlled airspace. The tutor is intended for the pilot who has completed the VFR tutor and now wishes to expand his/her knowledge and skills to IFR situations. A thorough knowledge of VFR RT procedures is therefore essential before starting the lessons on this CD.
As with the VFR version a wide variety of situations and RT transmissions are illustrated in the lessons. A particularly useful feature is the record/playback facility which is available in every lesson. This allows students to make and record their own RT calls and then compare them to the calls given in each lesson. To use this facility students must not only have a suitable sound system on their computers, but also a microphone with which to record. However the lessons are designed to be completed with or without the recording capability, so if students cannot record on their computers the tutor is still a very effective and interesting way of learning RT.
Unlike VFR flying the differences between ICAO and the UK in RT terminology and procedures when flying IFR are minimal. Therefore there is no UK IFR supplement and any slight differences are highlighted during the lessons.

The RT Communication CBT will run on a Pentium II 400 with 64 MB RAM and a 12x CD-ROM drive, with suitable graphics and sound-cards, (e.g. any 2/3d capable graphics card with 32MB of memory, capable of supporting 1280x1024 display at 32bit coulour, and a Soundblaster soundcard). The recommended specification is an Intel Pentium III 500mhz, Windows 98, with 128MB RAM and a 24xCD ROM Drive.

IFR RT Communications Tutor CD
IFR RT Communications Tutor CD
IFR RT Communications Tutor CD

Buy IFR RT Communications Tutor CD

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