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'Robinson R22 Pilot's Manual' & 'Fly the Robinson DVD' package
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'Robinson R22 Pilot's Manual' & 'Fly the Robinson DVD' package

Buy 'Robinson R22 Pilot's Manual' & 'Fly the Robinson DVD' package Special Offer: £49.50 

The Robinson R22 has become the world's most popular light helicopter. With thousands sold worldwide the Robinson is ideally suited for training and private ownership.

The 'Fly the Robinson R22' DVD
...included in this package demonstrates the basic flying exercises necessary to prepare student pilots for their first solo flight.
It is designed to be used in conjuntion with an approved course of instruction and is a unique work of reference fo the student pilot. It is also valuable for the experienced pilot to assist in maintaining proficiency.
This recording makes an ideal complement to the Robinson R22 operating handbook.
Running time 36 minutes.

The 'Robinson R22 'Pilots Technical Manual & Operating Handbook'...
...included in this package is an invaulable operating guide for all students and pilots operating the R22 helicopter.
Easy to refer to, use and carry it offers the essential data necessary for constant reference regarding the handling and maintenance of the world's most popular helicopter.
In ten sections the 'R22 Handbook' includes: general data, limitations, procedures, performance, weight and balance, systems, handling, service, maintenance and safety tips information etc.
With line drawings, graphs and tables throughout.
Bound with a clear acetate cover for durablity.
Spiral bound. 180 pages.

Buy 'Robinson R22 Pilot's Manual' & 'Fly the Robinson DVD' package

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