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PPL Study Pack 4
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PPL Study Pack 4


The Pilot Warehouse 'Study Pack 4' comprises:
  • Air Pilot Manual Volumes 1,2,3,4 & 6
  • Navigation Flight Computer
  • Chart Scale
  • Square Protractor
  • Pilot's Logbook
  • Aeronautical Chart of your area
  • Radio Telephony Course Triple CD pack
  • Aeroplane 'Basic Manoeuvres' DVD
  • Pilot's Flight Board
  • Flight Log Pad
  • Pilot's Flight Case
  • 3 x 'Exam Secrets Guides'
  • Student & Private Pilots Headset

    The PPL Study Pack 4 comprises the essential material for the study and completion of the JAR Private Pilot Licence Course. It is the top level PPL training package from Pilot Warehouse and contains the necessary kit for the flying and ground training school elements of your course. The contents will also be useful for further use, reference and revision after completing the course.

    It includes items that have been carefully selected, are the latest publications/edtions available and suited to your Private Pilot Licence course training anywhere in Europe.

    The 'Air Pilot Manuals' in the package cover the Flying and Ground training elements of the course including basic Flying Training, Aviation Law, Air Navigation, Aeroplane Technical and Human Factors.

    A professionally produced DVD 'Pilot Training - The Basic Manoeuvres' covering the basics of light aircraft piloting with step by step guidance. Professionally filmed with clear, easy to understand commentary and divided into chapter points for instant access to the instruction you need.

    You will also find invaluable the unique 'PPL Exam Secrets Guides' included covering essential ground school subjects within your PPL course. Each of these guides for 'Aviation Law', 'Aircraft General & Principles of Flight' and 'Human Performance & Limitations' give you the actual questions you are likely to encounter in the exam together with their correct multi-choice answers and fully illustrated explanations as to why an answer is correct.

    A Log Book to use throughout your training and into your PPL plus an excellent 'Radio Telephony Triple CD' pack is also included which helps to 'bring to life' radio telephony practice and procedures.

    The instruments (scale, protractor, computer etc.) you will need for flight planning and navigation in the air are also included (listed above).

    A student and private pilot's aviation headset for use in the cockpit throughout your flying training and for your flying in the future is also included.

    When ordering, please specify which UK chart you would like from the options below. If you are ordering from outside the UK, please select "other" below; and, in the "Comments" box when you supply your payment details during the checkout procedure, specify a chart for an area within your country. We will do our best to supply your choice, subject to availability.

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