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Principles of Electricity by Morley & Hughes
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Principles of Electricity by Morley & Hughes

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The latest edition of this well-established standard text written foraeronautical and technician students presents comprehensive, concise and well supported by examples coverage of electrical principles. It is a book that is in use and recommended by aeronutical and engineering schools throughout the World.
Up-to-date, clearly and lucidly written with line drawings graphs and tables it now includes an expanded chapter on Semiconductors, Field Transistors and Integrated Circuits and a new chapter on Electronic Systems has also been included.
It's 24 chapter headings are: Units, Electric Currents, Electric Circuits, Electrical Resistance, Electromagnetism, Electromagnetic Induction, Magnetic Circuits, Inductance in d.c. Circuits, Electrostatics, Alternating Voltage and Current, Resistance and Inductance in a.c. Circuits, Power in a.c.Circuit, Capcitance in an a.c. Circuit, Direct-Current Machines, Direct-Current Generators, Direct-Current Motors, Tramsformers, Electrical Measurements, Electrolysis, Primary and Secondary Cells, Circuit Theorems, Transients, Three-Phase Supply, Semiconductors and Electronic Systems.
Soft. 504 pages.

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