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Buy JAA ATPL Training Textbook (2) GENERAL NAVIGATION £47.60 

The JAA ATPL Training Textbook for GENERAL NAVIGATION covers:
  • Basics of Navigation
  • Magnetism
  • Compasses
  • Charts Dead Reckoning Navigation
  • In-Flight Navigation
  • Inertial Navigation Systems

    JAA ATPL Training - General Navigation...
    Jeppesen and AFT are both trusted leaders in their respective fields with over 50 years of combined experience in pilot training. The philosophy of both companies is to train pilots to fly safely and competently, not just pass the exams. To this end, the material is thorough and comprehensive, yet the books utilise full-colour graphics and diagrams that make complex topics easier to grasp. The set of 15 top quality JAA ATPL training text books contains nearly 4,000 pages.

    The principles of airborne navigation have evolved considerably over the last 100 years. With commercial aircraft now capable of flights in excess of 20 hours, with much of the duration spent over the oceans, navigation techniques have had to evolve to meet these new demands. The JAR ATPL (A) General Navigation examination requires a competency in the calculations of distance, direction, speed, and time. It also requires a detailed understanding of maps and charts, including their properties and limitations. This volume takes the prospective Airline Transport Pilot from basic navigational and plotting skills to the principles and application of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS). Not only does this volume prepare the student for the General Navigation examination, it also discusses the practical aspects of navigation that might be encountered during commercial airline operations.
    Hard bound. 22 chapters.

    Buy JAA ATPL Training Textbook (2) GENERAL NAVIGATION

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