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Making Perfect Take-Offs in Light Aeroplanes
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Making Perfect Take-Offs in Light Aeroplanes

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'Making Perfect Take-Offs in Light Aeroplanes' by Ron Fowler... intended to make the typical student and private pilot an expert in one phase of flight - the take-off.
Detailed but easy to understand information gives pilots the knowledge they need to go beyond their natural reactions in order to develop piloting excellence.
The author addresses the light-aeroplane departure as a series of steps requiring the pilot's total awareness of situation, aeroplane and self. Pilots learn to identify and assess circumstances and conditions and then to implement appropriate procedures.
Each chapter presents and defines a specific take-off situation. After setting the scene with the set of characteristics unique to that type of take-off the author then presents the methods - and the logic behind the methods - that allow the pilot to master such a take-off. Pre-flight reminders and 'In Flight Aids' at the end of the chapter provide critical data at a glance.
Whilst this book addresses the needs of the typical private pilot, it also well serves the pre-solo student pilot to the thousand-hour pilot and the flight instructor.
The authors conversational style speaks to all the pilots who hope to discover a new dimension within themselves i.e those who accept the personal challenge of striving for excellence.
Chapter headings and some of the specific subject matters covered in this book to help you make perfect take-offs are:
basic considerations of a normal take-off, short-field take-offs, soft-field take-offs, critical take-off situations, night take-offs, tailwhell take-offs, cardinal rules for perfect take-offs and rules of thumb concerning take-offs.
With line drawings, tables and photographs throughout.
Hard. 143 pages.

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