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SkyLog Pro for Professional Pilots
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SkyLog Pro for Professional Pilots

Buy SkyLog Pro for Professional Pilots £61.25 

All the standard features of SkyLog plus:
  • JAR IEM FCL 1.080 (previouslyCAA CAP 407) logbook format print formats.
  • Multi-HOC flight records capability.
  • Flight records additionally include Relief time, Autolands and for instructors a student contact database.
  • Handles instrument approaches (including Cat 1, 2 & 3 ILS approaches) in addition to JAA required data.
  • User selectable suppression of flight record student code, Day/Night T/O and Landing's, Autolands and Cost fields.
  • User selectable option for automatic instrument hours input when entering new flights.
  • Day/Night flight time calculator
  • Student database for Flying Instructors. Includes student contact numbers and training hours flown.
  • Comprehensive Flight and Duty hours report for UK fixed wing, UK rotary, US Scheduled and Unscheduled operations detailing Flight/Duty hours used and remaining in accordance with the ANO (default) or User-settable limits. Includes an 84-day (user changeable) duty hours table handling two full or half-time duty periods per day and leave, sick or duty days, days off and annual leave. Also includes a recent rest period report and a recent instrument approaches report.
  • UK CAA CAP 371 maximum flying duty period (FDP) calculator.
  • User-selectable facility for automatic display of Flight/Duty Hours report after new flights entry.
  • Total, Annual & Monthly Hours reports include Jet and Instructor hours.
  • Includes Palm and Pocket PC PDA applications for the creation of flight and duty hours records and their synchronisation with the PC's Skylog Pro databases. They also include a Duty & Flight Hours report enabling the monitoring of the last 28-day duty & flight hours.

    SkyLog for Windows is not just for the private pilot. SkyLog Pro includes all the extra features and benefits that busy professionals need and still allow you the same convenience, ease of use and analysis features for even more powerfull data and duty hours management.

    SkyLog Pro for Professional Pilots
    SkyLog Pro for Professional Pilots
    SkyLog Pro for Professional Pilots

    Buy SkyLog Pro for Professional Pilots

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