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Concorde DVD Twin pack

Concorde DVD Twin pack

Buy Concorde DVD Twin pack £29.95 

The 'Concorde' DVD Twin pack offers:
  • Playback for all World regions
  • Digitally re-mastering
  • Filmed with 9 cameras for best all-round views
  • Highest possible quality
  • 140 chapter points
  • 'Jump' to favourite point facility
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Free Radio Telephony Double CD pack


    This is a prestigious documentary programme about Concorde, the worlds fastest civil airliner. Presented by Captain David Rowland and Senior Flight Engineer Roger Bricknell you are taken on a full guided tour of this amazing aircraft.

    The Captain and First Officer start by introducing you to Concorde outside the hangar at London Heathrow. You are taken around the outside of the aircraft to show you the many unique features that Concorde possesses. Roger gives you a detailed 'Walk Around' explaining what he is looking for during his inspection. David explains the nose and visor system which you see working.

    Round Trip:
    You fly a round trip from London Heathrow to New York's JFK airport. During your two flights David and Roger guide you through the systems that enable this aircraft to fly at twice the speed of sound. You are shown in detail the procedures required to achieve and cruise at 1350mph. Join the crew for the flight briefing at JFK for our return trip to the UK and find out about the special takeoff procedure that is required from JFK's 31L runway.

    Checklist Procedures:
    Other topics covered include Checklist procedures, see where the aircraft expands in flight, fuel transfer and the effects of centre of gravity changes and many more details.

    Some Concorde facts:
    Concorde is the only supersonic passenger airliner in the world and British Airways is one of only two airlines operating this flagship of the worlds civil aviation fleet. A little more than 1.5 million passengers have flown supersonically on board British Airways seven strong Concorde fleet since they entered commercial service on January 21st 1976. Cruising at 1,350mph, twice the speed of sound, a typical transatlantic crossing takes less than three and a half hours. Concorde flies above all the weather and her passenger cabin is pressurised to a more comfortable level than on subsonic aircraft, reducing flight fatigue still further. Since entering service, British Airways Concordes have operated 39,600 flights. Concorde's fastest yet transatlantic crossing was on February 7th 1996, when she completed the New York to London flight in 2 hours 52 minutes and 59 seconds, over 40 minutes faster than schedule.

    The small number of dedicated flight crews that flew this superb aircraft were drawn from the best and most experienced that British Airways had to offer and have more supersonic flight time than any of the pilots of the world's Air Forces.

    This programme was filmed using a total of 9 cameras to give you the best views of all phases of flight. Crystal clear audio utilising the aircraft's audio system.

    This twin pack DVD offers the most detailed look at Concorde ever produced.

    Buy Concorde DVD Twin pack

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