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CP-1 Protractor CP-1 Protractor
This protractor is Standard Flying School Issue, offering 0-360º scale on outside edge with reciprocal headings adjacent (printed blue). Central grid is divided into 2nm 1:500,000 squares with centre horizontal 1:500,000 scale.
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PP-3 Round Protractor PP-3 Round Protractor
Round 110mm diameter protractor with 0-360 scale on outside edge.
£5.31  PP-3 Round Protractor details Buy PP-3 Round Protractor

PP-4 Tricolore Protractor PP-4 Tricolore Protractor
Offset compass rose enables True or Magnetic headings to be quickly and easily measured after aligning the extended centre line along proposed track.
£7.10  PP-4 Tricolore Protractor details Buy PP-4 Tricolore Protractor

PP-8 Triangular Track Line Protractor PP-8 Triangular Track Line Protractor
Designed to give True or Magnetic headings and Reciprocals from Meridians or Magnetic North pointers when hypotenuse is aligned with the desired Track.
£8.12  PP-8 Triangular Track Line Protractor details Buy PP-8 Triangular Track Line Protractor

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