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One Dry Wash One Dry Wash
Onedrywash was created to wash aircraft in the desert and apply a polish which increases fuel efficiency. Now it enables you to fly around your plane and leave it spotless. It effortlessly cleans all surfaces, whether it's bodywork, alloys, chrome or glass.
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VFR Screen Cleaner VFR Screen Cleaner
VFR Screen Cleaner & Protector...a pilot's first choice for for keeping the horizon clear.

This is a revolutionary new liquid that is dispensed from an non-pressurised container and takes up little space and is easily carried in a flight case or pocket. It rapidly cleans and protects windscreens, instrument displays and moving map / GPS screens. It is completely safe and simple to use. All you do is spray a little of the liquid onto the screen surface to be cleaned and protected then wipe off dust, dirt and finger marks with a clean cloth then just polish with a clean dry cloth. The difference can be seen and felt immediately. In the cleaning process a non-toxic protective film has been applied to the surface, dramatically reducing static charge and thereby making the surface more resistant to the acquisition of fresh dust and dirt. Hazard-free, non toxic and anti-static formula liquid for cleaning and protecting all aircraft glazing, instrument display, moving map / GPS screens. Developed for use in the construction and maintenance of cockpit canopies and aircraft glazing. Approved and used by leading European aerospace glazing manufacturers and by aircraft manufacturing companies. Approved to both AMs 15355B and 1550B. Non-flammable and hypoallergenic.
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