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Aviation Meteorology Interactive Training CD ROM Aviation Meteorology Interactive Training CD ROM
The new Aviation Meteorology fully interactive training CD ROM for students and pilots at all levels!

A most effective way of learning the theory and flight planning aspects of Aviation Meteorology.

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Meteorology for Pilots Simplified Meteorology for Pilots Simplified
This is a handy guide for student and private pilots covering all aspects of basic meteorolgy.

It is simply and clearly written, assuming no pre-knowledge and emphasising the elements of meteorology as they relate to aviation.

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Pilot's Weather by Brian Cosgrove Pilot's Weather by Brian Cosgrove
A new commonsense approach to meteorology, written in straightforward language and illustrated throughout. The student pilot need no longer fear his meteorology exam and the licenced pilot can enhance flight safety for himself and his passengers. Endless graphs and reams of figures are replaced by full colour photgraphs of what you actually see - clouds and cloudscapes that tell you instantly what's happening to the air around you. For those who fly engine powered aircraft, microlights or gliders - this book makes the weather make sense. Hard. 192 pages.
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Instant Weather Forecasting by Alan Watts Instant Weather Forecasting by Alan Watts
Looking at the sky and forecasting the weather is the traditional pastime of farmers, shepherds and sailors. Some possess an uncanny knowledge of the subject when they know a locality well. But we can all become forecasters of the weather with the aid of a little meteorology.
This revolutionary book of 24 colour cloud pictures is a guide to predicting the weather in the hours ahead and has been consistently poular with pilots at all levels and flying all types of craft. It also provides helpful information on what the likely weather trends will be. It will enable the user to foretell, with reasonable accuracy, whether it will rain or blow, not change much, or perhaps clear up soon.
Everyone can use it, whether you are student or qualified pilot, sportsman holidaymaker, walker, sailor, angler or farmer.
The photographs are arranged to show skies associated with bad weather, with no immediate change, with sudden change, with temporary deterioration and with improvement. The introduction explains how to use the pictures, while the actual forecasts are set out in tables facing each photograph.
A particularly useful feature of the book is the author's prediction of time in relation to change, which is the result of considerable experience and observation. This brilliant tried and tested approach to forecasting will enable everyone to play the forecasting game.
Soft. 64 pages.
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PPL Exam Secrets Guides  PPL Exam Secrets Guides
All EAS Private Pilot Students proposing to take the ground school examinations should obtain these publications.

The expanding series of 'PPL Exam Secrets Guides' are the definitive essential revision material and represent the most current QUESTIONS, with their ANSWERS and fully illustrated EXPLANATIONS for the ground school subjects.

They will ensure a pass and cement the knowledge necessary to become a safe and proficient pilot.

Presently available for:
Aviation Law & Operational Procedures
Human Performance & Limitations
Aircraft General & Principles of Flight

The complete set of PPL Exam Secrets Guides is also available from these leading eBook stores - OR Get Them Here Now!

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Instant Wind Forecasting by Alan Watts Instant Wind Forecasting by Alan Watts
This book is the perfect companion to 'Instant Weather Forecasting', both worldwide bestsellers.

Its easily accessible format will help all pilots. It offers a quick reference guide using a revolutionary presentation to make meaningful predictions about what the wind wil do based on the look of the sky and the feel of the day.
It is a practical book that you can take with you to supplement and amplify the forecasts you hear and see.

Radio, TV and aviation meteorological forecasts will only give the general trend of the wind's direction and speed; the actual wind may easily be made very different by the terrain or by being near the coast.

'Instant Wind Forecasting' is not a textbook on the wind. There is very little deep explanation here - just enough to make it understandable. It is designed to be a kind of 'instant guide to winds'. This approach may appeal to all those who are daunted by long-winded explanations.
It demands very little in the way of meteorological knowledge but will always be of great usefullness and interest to pilots at all levels flying fixed, rotary, balloons or airship craft.

Full colour throughout.
Soft. 120 pages.
£12.99  Instant Wind Forecasting by Alan Watts details Buy Instant Wind Forecasting by Alan Watts

Meteorology and Flight Meteorology and Flight
'Meteorlogy and Flight' is a 'must' book for the general and aviation meteorologist.

Full of clear and simple but very informative diagrams it is an indispensable guide for all flyers.

£16.99  Meteorology and Flight  details Buy Meteorology and Flight

Meteorology for Pilots by Mike Wickson Meteorology for Pilots by Mike Wickson
This new edition of the well established and highly regarded 'Meteorology for Pilots' has been completely updated to satisfy all aspects of the meteorological requirements necessary to be JAR compliant and provides the ideal background study material for candidates working towards the JAA and Airline Transport Licence examinations.
It discusses the latest data concerning global warming and its consequences, especially in relation to the El Nino effect.
For aviation, the study of meteorlogy provides knowledge and awareness of the atmosphere, which is after all, the medium in which a pilot works. A proper study of the subject will provide the basis that can enable a pilot to appreciate properly the weather forecast given to him for a flight - and indeed to forecast for himself.
Illustrated throughout with colour photographs.
Soft. 368 pages.
£25.00  Meteorology for Pilots by Mike Wickson details Buy Meteorology for Pilots by Mike Wickson

The Private Pilots Licence Course - Navigation &MetVolume 3 The Private Pilots Licence Course - Navigation &MetVolume 3
The Private Pilot's Licence Course describes the elements of the PPL Syllabus thoroughly and comprehensively. It takes the student pilot from a point that assumes no pre-knowledge of aviation to the completion of the course. Concepts and procedures are introduced gradually, in keeping with the increasing knowledge and skill of the student pilot progressing through the PPL course. The books are written in straightforward language and profusely illustrated with photographs, diagrams and line drawings. Soft. 432 pages.
£19.95  Buy The Private Pilots Licence Course - Navigation &MetVolume 3

Met for the PPL - Video Met for the PPL - Video
An essential addition to any pilots library...
This is a new and comprehensive video covering all aspects of Meteorology relating to the Private Pilot. It is impressively presented by leading airline training captain Dave Prior and will prove an invaluable aid to anyone requiring an in depth knowledge into all aspects of weather conditions and their development. Running for a full 2 hours this complete syllabus is an essential addition to any pilots library and will greatly assist all Private Pilot Licence candidates in the full understanding of this important subject.
£35.00  Buy Met for the PPL - Video

The Weather Handbook The Weather Handbook
This book offers the perfect introduction to understanding weather.

Do you find general weather forecasts frustrating because they don't give sufficient local detail? Would you like to know more accurately when its likely to rain, be sunny or windy?
In this highly acclaimed book the author explains straightforward terms how to look at the sky and interpret what the clouds indicate about coming weather.

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Meteorology DeMystified Meteorology DeMystified
Here is a book that really does unravel the 'mystery of meteorology' in a simple and effective way.
Get answers to - 'why we bake or freeze'? - 'drown or dry up'? - 'stay put or blow away'?
It is an easy to read and understand self-teaching guide that enables the reader to master the concepts of meteorology and the techniques of weather prediction so necessary for all aviators.

'Meteorology Demystified' presents a complete easy explanation of essential physical and scientific concepts and will help you to discover how the atmosphere generates weather, how storms form and evolve, how the earth's climate is changing and show you how to compose your own weather forecast.

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The Weather Guide The Weather Guide
Weather forecasters, like most specialists, are often accused of wrapping their subject up in technical jargon. Thus, Forsdyke simplifies terminology and uses colourful informative illustrations and diagrams, to describe and explain weather observations, causes, forecasting, climate, and the application of weather study to everyday life. His manner gives these terms a new and vivid significance.
£5.00  Buy The Weather Guide

Meteorology Simplified Meteorology Simplified
Published by AOPA, an excellent book for revision prior to taking the PPL Meteorology Examination.

A favourite with pilots for many years. AOPA recommended.
£8.00  Buy Meteorology Simplified

Meteorology Meteorology
Meteorology by David Cockburn

This book, the fourth in the series, has been produced primarily to assist an applicant for a Private Pilot's Licence in the study for the Meteorology examination. It is not intended as a complete course of study, but is designed to act as a guide to the main points in the syllabus. However, it is also intended to help those who have already passed the examination by giving them a document to which they can refer in order to achieve safe and practical flights as private pilots, and in addition can serve as a useful first step towards the knowledge required for professional pilot qualifications.

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