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Instrument Flying Handbook Instrument Flying Handbook
This new title is a primary source of reference for the Instrument Rating FAA Knowledge Exams. It covers the IFR system plus aerodynamics, flight instrum-entation, attitude flying and navigation as they apply to the instrument pilot. With clear photographs (colour and mono) together with line drawings throughout it has comprehensive multi section chapters on human & aerodynamic factors, flight instruments, attitude instrument flying, basic flight manouevers, helicopter instrument flying, navigation systems, national airspace systems, air traffic control service and IFR flight. Ideal as the source for understanding instrument flying procedures in general and FAA instrument rating exam practice in particular. Soft. 220 pages.
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IFR for VFR Pilots IFR for VFR Pilots
This unique book functions as an IFR Survival Guide for VFR pilots, providing a basic understanding of the skills needed to survive an inadvertent encounter with low-visibility IFR conditions. It includes complete instruction for a simplified 'hands-off' flying technique that minimises the risks of loss of control when outside visual clues are lost. Essential reading for all fair-weather pilots, however proficient and cautious they may be. Diagrams throughout. Soft. 127 pages.
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Air Pilot's Manual Vol 5 - Radio Navigation and Instrument Flying Air Pilot's Manual Vol 5 - Radio Navigation and Instrument Flying
Updated to the new JAR-FCL syllabus 'The Air Pilot's Manual' series by Trevor Thom have become internationally recognised as the foremost pilot training textbooks. With new, easy to read page layouts and excellent, clear computer generated graphics throughout they offer the student the best opportunity for easy learning of the Flying and Ground subjects for the Private Pilot Licence and will always provide excellent revision for the qualified pilot. They are standard issue for flying training organisations in the United Kingdom and throughout the World

This volume is particularly popular with Private Pilots wishing to learn and improve all aspects of instrument flying theory and practice to Instrument Rating standard. Soft. 574 pages.

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Into IMC - An Overview  - DVD Into IMC - An Overview - DVD
The highly reputable and experienced instructor, John Nicholson takes you through an overview of the IMC course.

All PPLs wishing to enhance their flying skills and those embarking on an IMC or instrument flying course will benefit greatly from this recording.

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This is a completely re-worked and fully updated edition of the standard text on radio aids. It introduces the theory required to operate and use the VOR, ADF, RMI and DME.

The text has been re-written to make it compliant with the latest practices and regulations and also includes new and improved diagrams and illustrations detailing the layout and function of the latest aircraft instrumentation. Instrument descent example exercises into Guernsey and Jersey are included to give that extra depth of understanding to the basic procedures. This is book that will always be a handy source of reference.

It is ideal for pilots new to the theory of radio aids and for those more practised and knowledgable for revision purposes.
Soft binding. 128 pages.
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Instrument Flying Instrument Flying
'Instrument Flying' is a book principally intended to help prepare a pilot to pass first time what is regarded as the most demanding flight test in the world, the JAA Instrument Rating.

It also provides useful tips for general instrument flying and is an invaluable reference manual for pilots looking to renew their instrument qualifications.

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Jeppesen - Instrument Commercial Manual Jeppesen - Instrument Commercial Manual
Written by the authoritative Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery team this Instrument / Commercial manual provides the most complete explanations of aeronautical concepts for professional pilots through the use of colourful illustrations and full colour photographs.
This primary source for initial study and review includes principles of instrument flight, the flight environment, instrument charts and procedures, aviation weather and IFR flight operations and commercial pilot operations, as well as an introductory look at building professional experience.
The most comprehensive and visually appealing Instrument/Commercial manual available.
Hard binding.
£74.50  Jeppesen - Instrument Commercial Manual details Buy Jeppesen - Instrument Commercial Manual

Instrument Flying Refresher, 2nd Edition Instrument Flying Refresher, 2nd Edition
This second edition of 'Instrument Flying Refresher' offers a practical way to stay sharp on the fine points of judgement, decision making and IFR techniques.

This book empahsises the real world of modern IFR operations and its anecdotal style and common sense make it all the more valuable.

£16.99  Instrument Flying Refresher, 2nd Edition details Buy Instrument Flying Refresher, 2nd Edition

Teaching Confidence in the Clouds Teaching Confidence in the Clouds
This is a new and innovative book that offers a real-life application of computer desktop flight simulators and flight training devices.

The scenario-based training concepts, assignments and instructor tips included will be an important resource for any pilot currently taking instrument training.

Instrument rated pilots wanting to improve their skills, or flight instructors wanting to help their students reduce the number of hours needed to complete an instrument training course will also find the information offered in this book invaluable.

£16.99  Teaching Confidence in the Clouds details Buy Teaching Confidence in the Clouds

The Pilot's Manual Volume 3 - Instrument Flying The Pilot's Manual Volume 3 - Instrument Flying
Now in its Sixth Edition, Instrument Flying is the most comprehensive and up-to-date instrument textbook available, covering all of the aeronautical knowledge and practical skills needed to earn the instrument rating and operate IFR.
£39.99  The Pilot Buy The Pilot's Manual Volume 3 - Instrument Flying

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