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Jeppesen CR Circular Navigation Computer Jeppesen CR Circular Navigation Computer
This highest quality Jeppesen circular computer is pocket size, of quality construction, totally durable and multi-functional.

Keep in your pocket for all your flying career as it is perfect to solve wind triangle, polar grid navigation or pressure pattern flying problems.
It will prove it's versatility time and time again!

Useful in high and low speed problems it automatically compensates for temperature rise and compressibility factors.

Only 11cm in diameter and supplied in a protective vinyl slip case.
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CRP-1 Flight Computer CRP-1 Flight Computer
The CRP-1 Flight Computer is the UK standard for students and pilots.

It is highly accurate and is manufactured in heat-resistant, non-warp plastic.

Easy to handle, it includes all the necessary functions for the PPL examinations and for general planning and flying requirements.

Calculates wind and navigation problems in a speed range of 40-850.

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CRP-4 Flight Computer CRP-4 Flight Computer
The CRP-4 is manufactured in high quality card with plastic wind segments and plotting disc on the wind triangle side.

It offers an economical but less 'long term' alternative to the CRP-1 flight computer.

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CRP-5 Flight Computer CRP-5 Flight Computer
The CRP-5 Flight Navigation Computer is used throughout the World for Commercial Pilot Examinations and by practising Airline Pilots.

It's larger format offers greater accuracy, a compressibility scale, a higher speed range and all the scales and functions required for Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot examinations.

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CRP-8 Microlight Computer CRP-8 Microlight Computer
The CRP-8 Microlight Computer is an economic alternative to the CRP-1 with Microlight sliding slow speed scale giving speeds between 10 and 120. All other functions are identical to that of the CRP-1 & CRP-4 Computers.
£22.95  Buy CRP-8 Microlight Computer

Aviat 617 - Aviat 617 - "The World's Finest Computer"
The Aviat 617 is manufactured to the highest possible quality. The computer side with highlighted scales and colour tinting clearly distinguishes the various scales and a transparent, rotating cursor with index line simplifies setting and reading between graduations.

£117.38  Aviat 617 - "The World Buy Aviat 617 -

Aviat Flight Computer Scales Aviat Flight Computer Scales
Scales for the Aviat 617.

* A-B 60-350/100-500
* A-G 60-350/300-1000
* A-K 60-350/150-750
* B-H 100-500/40-250
£26.08  Buy Aviat Flight Computer Scales

E6-B Aluminium Flight Computer E6-B Aluminium Flight Computer
This is the most popular metal flight computer on the market and it most often used for the United States FAA PPL navigation exams. As a consequence it is normally the choice for anyone choosing to do their Private Pilot Licence in the United States.
On the wind side it has a wind component grid and comprehensive crosswind correctio chart and on the calculator side it computes time, speed, distance, altitude, true airspeed and density altitude problems. Nautical and Statute scales are included together with a comprehensive instruction booklet.
The use of the E6-B is explained and illustrated comprehensively in 'The Pilot's Manual Vol 2' one of the most popular text books for PPL theory and written to accord with the US FAA PPL syllabus.
This book is also available from Pilot Warehouse (See 'Flight Training in United States' section on this website).
£27.95  Buy E6-B Aluminium Flight Computer

E6-B Student Flight Computer E6-B Student Flight Computer
A solution for the budding pilot on a tight budget. The Student Computer offers all the problem solving features of the aluminium version but is manufactured in solid, heavyweight fibreboard.
£13.95  Buy E6-B Student Flight Computer

Micro E6-B Aluminium Flight Computer Micro E6-B Aluminium Flight Computer
This pocket-sized brushed-aluminium E6-B is a full-function aviation computer. It features a high and low speed wind correction slide, high speed compressibility table and is supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual. The Micro E6-B performs all the standard flight computer functions and conveniently fits into a shirt pocket or glove box.
£19.99  Buy Micro E6-B Aluminium Flight Computer

Jeppesen Aluminium Flight Computer Jeppesen Aluminium Flight Computer
This computer is the preferred model of many instructors and students. It will solve basic and sophisticated problems including low and high speed computations. Manufactured in heavy-duty aluminium with a non-glare finish to ensure long life, high accuracy and lasting quality. Supplied with slip case and clear instruction manual.
£32.95  Buy Jeppesen Aluminium Flight Computer

QuDieM Navigator QuDieM Navigator
The QuDieM Navigator is an excellent new concept that greatly simplifies flight and diversion planning for all pilots. Designed for use at airspeeds of 90-110kts and wind speeds of up to 40kts, the prevailing wind direction and speed are pre-set into the instrument together with local magnetic variation. The QuDieM Navigator then provides fast direct read-out of Magnetic Heading, Time to Destination and wind compensation for each. Without the need to mark and measure track and distance, no additional accessories are required and the opportunity for error is significantly reduced. Two-handed operation is minimised and in-flight use is simple and convenient.
£37.49 each QuDieM Navigator details Buy QuDieM Navigator

QuDiem QuikHold QuDiem QuikHold
Having difficulty flying accurate Holding Patterns in the wind?
Here's the answer...Until now Holding Pattern Computers were limited to providing information about entering the hold. QuDieM QuikHOLD is different. In addition to providing the appropriate entry procedure for any approach heading, this new IMC/IFR aid displays wind compensated outbound time in seconds and out-bound heading adjustment for wind speed up to 40kts when manoeuvring at 90-110 kts airspeed. Right and Left-handed patterns are catered for, operation is simple and its graphic design greatly assists the pilot's appreciation of the wind/holding pattern relationship. The instrument may be placed on the chart over the fix, enabling easy visualisation of the approach and entry procedure. Having preset wind speed, in-cockpit operation in single handed. Maintainig an accurate four minute holding pattern in a light aircraft in other than light winds is not easy. By providing a practical basis for navigating the holding pattern QuDieM QuikHOLD is an invaluable aid to the IMC/IFR student and rated pilot alike.
£34.99  QuDiem QuikHold details Buy QuDiem QuikHold

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