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Flight Navigation Computer Training CD Flight Navigation Computer Training CD
This fully interactive, colour and 'lesson-rich' tutor CD teaches the principal functionalities of any brand of navigation computer.

With this training CD you will learn to master the navigational instrument still required in the formal ground examinations at Private and Commercial Pilot level set by many national aviation authorities.

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CRP-1 Flight Computer Companion - Air Pilot's Manual Vol 3 CRP-1 Flight Computer Companion - Air Pilot's Manual Vol 3
Excellently illustrates and describes the use of the CRP-1 for the CAA PPL examinations and all basic navigation theory. Topics covered include the following: Basic Navigation Theory - Speed - Direction Navigation Computer - Vertical Navigation Time - The Earth - Aero-Nautical Charts Flight Planning - Pre-Flight - Route Selection and Charts - Flight Log - Flight Plan En-Route Navigation - Techniques - Navigation in Remote Areas - Entry/Exit Lanes. Soft. 298 pages.
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CRP-5 Interactive Training CD CRP-5 Interactive Training CD
This interactive tutor created by Oxford Air Training includes all the features and funtions of the CRP-5 Flight Computer.

It is ideal for both student and qualified pilots wishing to learn how to use the CRP-5 for the first time, or to refresh existing skills.

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QuDiem QuikHold QuDiem QuikHold
Having difficulty flying accurate Holding Patterns in the wind?
Here's the answer...Until now Holding Pattern Computers were limited to providing information about entering the hold. QuDieM QuikHOLD is different. In addition to providing the appropriate entry procedure for any approach heading, this new IMC/IFR aid displays wind compensated outbound time in seconds and out-bound heading adjustment for wind speed up to 40kts when manoeuvring at 90-110 kts airspeed. Right and Left-handed patterns are catered for, operation is simple and its graphic design greatly assists the pilot's appreciation of the wind/holding pattern relationship. The instrument may be placed on the chart over the fix, enabling easy visualisation of the approach and entry procedure. Having preset wind speed, in-cockpit operation in single handed. Maintainig an accurate four minute holding pattern in a light aircraft in other than light winds is not easy. By providing a practical basis for navigating the holding pattern QuDieM QuikHOLD is an invaluable aid to the IMC/IFR student and rated pilot alike.
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QuDieM Navigator QuDieM Navigator
The QuDieM Navigator is an excellent new concept that greatly simplifies flight and diversion planning for all pilots. Designed for use at airspeeds of 90-110kts and wind speeds of up to 40kts, the prevailing wind direction and speed are pre-set into the instrument together with local magnetic variation. The QuDieM Navigator then provides fast direct read-out of Magnetic Heading, Time to Destination and wind compensation for each. Without the need to mark and measure track and distance, no additional accessories are required and the opportunity for error is significantly reduced. Two-handed operation is minimised and in-flight use is simple and convenient.
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