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i-Pad Pilot Kneeboard i-Pad Pilot Kneeboard
This i-Pad Kneeboard offers a practical and high quality solution for holding your iPad in the cockpit.

Fully functional, protective and perfect to retain and use your i-Pad, Flight Log, Pencils and Stop Watch.

£45.00  i-Pad Pilot Kneeboard details Buy i-Pad Pilot Kneeboard

PB-3 Pilot's Board PB-3 Pilot's Board
This is the new version of the PB-3 - consistently one of the most popular Pilots Boards available.

Overprinted on the front in white with a comprehensive flight log and includes the useful addition of a 'D' clip ring binder attachment on the left side designed to hold loose-leaf Flight Guide or Directory pages and strong spring clip to retain flight log pad and VFR or IFR airport plates etc.

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PB-8 A5 Size Pilots Board PB-8 A5 Size Pilots Board
The PB-8 is a quality manufactured and highly popular Pilots Board widely used by student, private and commercial pilots.

It is A5 in size and fitted with a wide velcro fastening elasticated strap that attaches around the thigh. There are non-slip pads fitted on the reverse to ensure stability on the leg whilst in use.

A top spring-clip on the front will securely retain a flight log pad or landing/approach diagram etc. and there are a further six clear plastic detachable wallets on the inside held by a right side opening ring mechanism to ensure the left hand is kept free to fly the aircraft.

£23.95  PB-8 A5 Size Pilots Board details Buy PB-8 A5 Size Pilots Board

PB-2 Pilot's Board PB-2 Pilot's Board
The PB-2 A4 Pilot's Board is of rigid construction and finished in durable black leather grain PVC. The board features a strong central metal spring clip with to retain a flight log pad/landing diagrams etc, a reinforced eyelet for attaching a stopwatch clip and a flip-over clear plastic protective cover that can be used for marking with chinagraph pencils or water soluble and permanent felt markers. The PB-2 is overprinted on the front in white with a comprehensive flight log (including phonetic alphabet, distress signals, and a ruled section for observations and notes). The reverse includes side pockets to accomodate a 5" square protractor (CP-1, CP-2 or CP-3 models), up to 4 chinagraph pencils or felt marker pens and a central pocket to retain the NP-1 topographical chart plotter. All of which can then be easily and quickly accessed when the board is in use in the cockpit but keeping you clear of clutter.
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PB-4 Pilot's Board PB-4 Pilot's Board
The PB-4 fold-over Pilot's Board is most popular with pilots training and flying in demanding VFR & IMC conditions.

It features double spring clips on the top allowing flight log sheets and landing diagrams to be viewed simultaneously and opens to allow access to store and view quickly up to 16 further pages of landing diagrams, flight log sheets or notes on 8 A5 sized plastic wallets.

£23.00  PB-4 Pilot Buy PB-4 Pilot's Board

Piccolo Profi kneebaord Piccolo Profi kneebaord
The Piccolo Profi kneeboard is a highly popular, A6 sized kneeboard. It combines the advantages of both the Piccolo kneeboard and the Profi kneeboard making it one of the smallest and most useful light weight kneeboards on the market. It also comes with several plastic sleeves, which are ideal for small approach plates or other documents.

Dimensions only: 14 x 18.5 x 1.5 cm
£14.99  Buy Piccolo Profi kneebaord

Piccolo kneeboard Piccolo kneeboard
The Piccolo kneeboard is perfect for all those who are short of space in the cockpit but still don't want to do without a good kneeboard. The piccolo is one of the smallest kneeboards available today. It has a wide Velcro strip to allow leg attachment, it also has a clip at the top of the board to prevent loose papers, two elasticised pen holders and a stopwatch clip hole.

Dimensions only: 11 x 18.5 cm
£10.99  Buy Piccolo kneeboard

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