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PPL Exam Secrets Guides  PPL Exam Secrets Guides
All EAS Private Pilot Students proposing to take the ground school examinations should obtain these publications.

The expanding series of 'PPL Exam Secrets Guides' are the definitive essential revision material and represent the most current QUESTIONS, with their ANSWERS and fully illustrated EXPLANATIONS for the ground school subjects.

They will ensure a pass and cement the knowledge necessary to become a safe and proficient pilot.

Presently available for:
Aviation Law & Operational Procedures
Human Performance & Limitations
Aircraft General & Principles of Flight

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Keynotes - Key Facts for JAA PPL & NPPL Exams Keynotes - Key Facts for JAA PPL & NPPL Exams
This is a unique publication that all applicants for the JAA Private Pilot and National Private Pilot Licence will find invaluable as an aid to passing the examinations.
It covers the composition of the exams together with essential Key-Facts (i.e. what you must learn in order to pass the exams) within the ground subjects for these licences i.e. Air Law & Operational Procedures, Navigation, Meteorology, Human Performance & Limitations, Flight Performance & Planning, Aircraft General/Principles of Flight & Radiotelephony (Communications).

The book style, employing a question - answer, challenge - response arrangement of text, enables even a person untrained in the subject to question you.
Together with the 'Private Pilot Confuser' that offers multiple questions, answers and explanations for all the ground subjects you will be complete with all the knowledge to pass the exams.

Spiral bound. 108 pages.
£18.00  Buy Keynotes - Key Facts for JAA PPL & NPPL Exams

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