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Overcasters Overcasters
Overcasters are the lightweight, simple and effective view-limiting device for simulating instrument conditions in the cockpit environment. The simple clip-on visor attaches to any prescription glasses or sunglass frame in seconds, flips up instantly for the perfect instrument-to-visual transition and when down creates a near perfect simulated instrument environment.
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Instrument Flying Instrument Flying
'Instrument Flying' is a book principally intended to help prepare a pilot to pass first time what is regarded as the most demanding flight test in the world, the JAA Instrument Rating.

It also provides useful tips for general instrument flying and is an invaluable reference manual for pilots looking to renew their instrument qualifications.

£20.00  Instrument Flying  details Buy Instrument Flying

Instrument Flying 'Jiffy' Hood Instrument Flying 'Jiffy' Hood
This instrument flying hood offers shielding from outside reference to front and sides, whilst allowing full view of instruments. Made from moulded, pliable plastic. It is light-weight, comfortable and fully adjustable .

- Elasticated headband
- Fits into any flight case
£16.95  Instrument Flying Buy Instrument Flying 'Jiffy' Hood

'POST IT' Instrument Covers for partial panel practice 'POST IT' Instrument Covers for partial panel practice
Supplied in packs of 25 the 'post-it' stickies are white in colour and attach quickly to any aviation instrument for partial panel practice. They are an ideal accessory for instructor or student and can also be used for jotting down quick notes.
£2.95  Buy 'POST IT' Instrument Covers for partial panel practice

IFR Cockpit Training Glasses IFR Cockpit Training Glasses
These comfortable IFR Training glasses with opaque frosting at the top and sides simulate real IFR conditions whilst allowing a perfect view of the instrument panel with minimum head movement.

They can be used with a headset and provide a perfect solution for in flight instrument training.

£17.95  IFR Cockpit Training Glasses details Buy IFR Cockpit Training Glasses

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