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Air Disaster Volume 1 by M. Job Air Disaster Volume 1 by M. Job
The fascinating, ongoing story of how international passenger jet flying has developed through tragedy to become safer than walking down the street!
In these four volumes Air Safety specialist Macarthur Job reveals the history of repeated failure and tragedy that has hindered the progress of the jet age. Beginning with the saga of the ill fated Comet, the author brings to life in his lucid, analytical style, the story behind some of the accidents that followed, each of them adding to the industry's sum of total knowledge and experience to make operations safer in the future. Based on official accident investigation reports, supplemented by extensive additional research, the books open up the intricacies of high altitude, high speed jetliner operations to the reader in a way that all will find gripping. With photographs and excellent illustrations throughout. Softback. 183 pages.
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Air Crashes by Richard Collins Air Crashes by Richard Collins
What went wrong, why, and what can be done about it? This book examines the factors that have led to past accidents in an attempt to teach you to avoid repeating them. Written in an informative and fascinating style by one of Americas most authoratitive pilots and authors. This is a book that all pilots should read - and digest! Hard. 236 pages and fully indexed.
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Mayday Mayday
This fascinating book features 17 amazing situations where aircrew have been able to nurse their crippled aircraft back to earth saving many lives in the process.

It will greatly appeal to a wide spectrum of people interested in both aviation safety and what happens when fate intervenes in an otherwise normal flight. Makes great reading for all pilots, crew and enthusiasts!

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Hell on High Ground 2 by David Earl Hell on High Ground 2 by David Earl
Since the dawn of aviation, the mountains and hills of the UK and Ireland have caused havoc to low flying aircraft. During World War Two the weather often proved to be a greater threat than the enemy and this book contains details of 110 high-ground wartime crashes. Accounts from survivors, eye-witnesses, rescuers and next-of-kin are combined with M.O.D. reports to provide real insight into these terrible disasters. The author is careful to remember that these lumps of rusted steel and crumpled alloy are pieces of history that not only changed the lives of those who flew the aircraft, but also the lives of everyone in the free world. With photographs throughout. Soft. 308 pages.
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Air Travel - How Safe is it? by Laurie Taylor Air Travel - How Safe is it? by Laurie Taylor
Giving the fears, figures and facts this new reference book for anyone connected with the aviation industry as a pilot, manager or passenger is an essential update on the many contemporary factors affecting airline safety worldwide. Every issue of air safety is analysed logically and with authority by this expert author (a former military and civilian commercial airliner pilot), from pilot selection, pilot fatigue, drugs, alchohol, icing, turbulence, slippery runways, dangerous goods, hijacking, missile attacks, flying crew mental stress, airport security and much more are analysed logically. Soft. 287 pages.
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Destination Disaster by Andrew Brookes Destination Disaster by Andrew Brookes
In 'Destination Disaster' Andrew Brookes investigates the causes and effects of many recent aviation disasters.
The book is a serious examination of the background behind the most dramatic an noteworthy of recent flying accidents, including the Air France Concorde crash at Paris in 2000, the loss if golfer Payne Stewart's Learjet in 1999 and the momentous events of 11th Septermber 2001.
Drawing upon his own flying career, the author shows both the causes of the accidents and what is being done to stop such accidents from happening again. Although flight safety is rarely straightforward, the accidents are deliberately examined in a non-controversial and objective way and the author stresses the safety of contemporary flight.
However there reamains an element of risk, as in any other part of life and the book is a timely examination of the issues of safety raised in contemporary air travel.
Diagrams, charts and photographs throughout .
Hard. 160 pages.
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