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Instrument Panel Label Sheet Instrument Panel Label Sheet
Packed with hundreds of invaluable self adhesive placards for your instrument panel. Including - On, Off, Taxi Light, Boost Pump, Rudder Trim, Cabin Heat, Prop, Pull On, Warning, Stall Warning, Primer, VNE, Release - and many more! Printed silver on black.
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Remove Before Flight Streamer Remove Before Flight Streamer
These bright red heavy nylon banners can be fastened to anything that needs removing before flight so that there is no possibility of forgetting!
They are fitted with a grommet and wire ring that can be attached to everything from gear pins to gust locks and pitot covers.
£7.95  Buy Remove Before Flight Streamer

Flightlight   Flightlight
This pilot's flashlight has both white and red lenses for preflight and night flying, a spare bulb stored within the case and is watertight, corrosion resistant and features a clicking ON/OFF switch for maximum battery life. It focuses easily from spot to flood light. Manufactured in black machined aluminium. Two AA batteries and spare bulb included.
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Pitot Tube Cover (SMALL - 5/8 Pitot Tube Cover (SMALL - 5/8") Pitot Tube Covers
Designed to offer the best protection from dirt, contamination, insects and foreign particles from entering the pitot tube of your aircraft. They fit snugly over standard aircraft pitot tubes and are vented to avoid pressurising the pitot-static system. The attached maximum clarity bright red heavy nylon 'Remove Before Flight' streamer hangs as a prominent pre-flight reminder.

Pitot Tube Cover 5"/8" (Small) Fits: Cessna 300 series, 400 series, Citation & Conquest, Beech singles and twins, Piper Navajo & Cheyenne, Mooneys, Mitsubishi & Lear Jets.
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Emirates Interview Package Emirates Interview Package
You can make a saving and buy this package that offers the best combination of techniques and knowledge.

They are the publications that will give you the critical knowledge to pass your vital interview. The publications are also available through Pilot Warehouse individually.

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This is a small and highly useful attachment for any headset, helmet or flying cap.
It leaves your hands free whilst illuminating a point of reference in the cockpit by simply by moving your head or the mini flexible arm attached to the powerful White or Red LED beam.

A simple easy-push button operates the On-Off and alternative coloured beam.

The 'Headset FLIGHT LIGHT' is easily attached with strengthened self-stick velcro spots supplied with the unit.

£13.95  Headset Buy Headset 'FLIGHT LIGHT'

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